Xbox one X pre order backlog – Possibly due to depot fire

Amazon UK, the seemingly ever so dependable online store has left many customers disappointed today.

Following the launch of the Xbox One X today, many customers who pre-ordered the new limited edition Project Scorpio version of the £450 console did not receive their packages.

Many of those affected thought they had locked down their consoles months ago when pre-orders originally went live – only to find out today their console has not yet been despatched.


Amazon UK has blamed “stock issues”, customers hit by delays have told me. Many of those affected only found out there was a problem with their order upon waking this morning, and after contacting Amazon themselves to find out why their purchases were still in limbo.

An Amazon rep told one customer, “I can confirm that due to some stock issues, the item was unable to source from the dispatching centre.”


This is particularly annoying for customers who have taken the day off work to receive their new console, and who ordered the limited Scorpio Edition only to be told there was no more stock in the chain.

Other customers have been told their Xbox One X is on the way – but now won’t arrive until tomorrow instead.

The Amazon website currently lists the Standard edition of the console as In Stock, but who can be truly sure?

Here’s hoping our gaming brothers and sisters receive their consoles ASAP.



Seems a deliberate fire in one of Amazon’s main distribution hubs may have something to do with the shortage – More as we have it.